Drum Line

I covered my scars with men But then they scarred me again So I clouded my mind And numbed my pain Because all my friends Were doing the same — So we’d stumble and fall One by one Into the arms of men we thought we loved Then into the ones we barely knew To… Continue reading Drum Line



Some days I am a wild gypsy Free and careless I soak my bare feet in the Earth Yet remain unrooted Taking in Mother Nature But rejecting her laws Like a sunflower that blooms Then stands tall And walks away; Other days I am a hurricane Poseidon's curse to man A siren in the undertow… Continue reading Life

Black Roses

Everyone I know is either Dead or in jail I can’t help them Won’t post their bail, They’re hanging from a needles strings Can’t stick around for the Darkness they bring They’ll be on death row For God only knows And I’ll be planted here Watching black roses grow