Take me hostage Sew me shut Make me listen Make me see; Breathe down my neck Whisper in my ear Make a home out of my bones; Bottle my tears Set them feee Give my body to the sea I'm tired of fighting Wrists rubbed raw - Handcuffed - But I've had the keys All… Continue reading Hostage



My muse is a mean angel I can see the blood on her teeth She doesn't hide it when she smiles But then she bats those eyes -- I'm at a loss She keeps me around her finger, Like a tattoo And I'm endlessly amazed Yet always planning my escape Even if I wash my… Continue reading Muse

Lonely Bones

I shiver, All alone I can feel the hands of ghosts -- Sliding up my body Tracing around the skin They all want me And I let them in -- I've been tired of the cold, So I fill my spaces with their souls, Between these lonely bones.

The Magician

She had a way of Balancing on the tightrope Somewhere between dream and wake Reality and fantasy She could truly spin a tale Turn dust into gold Her lies into untouchable truth Blink once and you'll miss it Blink again and she's gone She was talented And her best performance was The disappearing act


Looking through windows of glass houses Counting the thorns on the dining table bouquet Trying to see into the cracks of the walls Where the best parts must be hidden away; They'll judge you if you lock your doors And then judge what you've locked inside -- And how dare you put those curtains up… Continue reading Society